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Microsoft's Gimmick

Monday, July 16, 2012

Some friends and I were buying a game on XBox Live the other day (“Dungeon Defenders”, which is awesome) when we noticed a strange thing about the pricing scheme for adding points. Get 1600 points for only $19.99. But! You can get 400 points for only $4.99.

Now do the math to buy 1600 points in 400 point increments. . . .


That is a wopping savings of 3 cents. Plus it probably cuts into the profit margin. After all, credit card companies take a flat rate or something off of each purchase.

Now, I buy all Microsoft points in the smallest denomination possible, just to win with the Maths. Now you can too!

Obviously this isn’t a savings, just a fun point someone overlooked. . . . Or did they?

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