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Launching LendingShack

Monday, September 10, 2012

Whew! (You can find “it” here for those impatient enough to not read on.) Joey and I did it. We launched an actual website. After getting on with the CentsLess team, we worked all summer to break in our actual coding chops, learn Django, learn the Internets, and build a working product. It was an incredible challenge, filled with discouraging and elating moments in droves.

I never imagined taking on such a massive project so early, but Joey and I inspired one another to tackle this together. For us, it was a huge leap to produce something like this. We learned about Django, Heroku, Amazon S3, and more HTML/CSS3/Javascript than we ever imagined knowing. I hope to share some of the lessons in technical posts over the coming weeks (time permitting). Getting through these technical challenges is something no class experience can teach, and I’m really glad I had a partner to work through it with.

Now that the product is out in the wild, we plan to make it something we can absolutely beam about. This means feature creep! Hopefully not, but classes and other distractions might keep us a bit blinded until we wake up to a crashed site one morning.

There are many bugs to fix and usability flaws to address. LendingShack is, however, something I’m really proud of and excited to continue working on. Expect more thoughts on the product and process to come ;)

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