Kyle R. Wenholz

"Hope is the thing with feathers" - Emily Dickinson

These are the pieces of work I’m proud of and can be published for you to check out.

Wood working/gardening/constructing

I like working with my hands, learning, and designing, so I build things in my spare time. You can read about one of them here. I also do my best to keep a Google Photos album with all of the recent creations here.

Budget visualization

I needed a tool for talking about money with my wife. Turns out there wasn’t anything simple enough to talk in terms of buckets but sophisticated enough to model interest and contributions. My solution was to build something myself with Elm. I think the result is pretty neat.

Honors Senior Thesis

4 years in the making, I worked with support vector machines to predict the tardiness of ferries in the Pacific Northwest. This is the capstone to my work in the University of Puget Sound’s Honors Program.


This is the presentation I gave after writing my paper. You can download the little guy and then just open the index in your modern web browser.


The Honors Program really wanted a paper, so this is it. Don’t make me say it, but I’m fairly proud of how this worked out.

Sustainability Services Collection

My final project was to build an application with some folks in my local chapter of the ACM. It is very cool, and when I left, the folks in the campus Sustainability Services department loved it. The application is a real time way to log the status of recycling bins. Turns out, this is a hard problem! We used Derby to make it live and fun. Possibly not the best design decision, but the application is destined for small time use (for now) and as a proof-of-concept. This is likely one of my favorite projects to have ever worked on. Check out the code.

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