Kyle R. Wenholz

"Hope is the thing with feathers" - Emily Dickinson

Hi there!

My name is Kyle Wenholz, and this is my attempt at a website. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Over five years ago, I finished studying Mathematics and (two degrees yeah!) Computer Science at University of Puget Sound, in the lovely city of Tacoma, Washington. Post-graduation, I started work at an awesome book company writing software to manage reverse-logistics. After learning more lessons than this paragraph will allow, I headed off to work for a modest cloud services provider (formerly known as a search engine company). Both are what you’d call great gigs with brilliant co-workers, challenges, and perks. I’ve learned to ask hard questions, work with users, write reliable and performant software, plan projects, work with a business team, and have fun while doing it. And now… I work at a Seattle-based startup improving the world’s interviewing and hiring tools, one byte at a time.

You can check out some of my publicly visible projects here and read more about my work history in my handy-dandy resume.

My Posts (however few they may be)

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